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Jingxing Flower and Bird Market

A place to shop, wander the long and narrow Jingxing Street in downtown Kunming and see various sights, the Jingxing Flower and Bird Market offers a truly local experience. Choose from a wide variety of shops and stores with flowers, rare plants and much more.

Black-headed gulls

Kunming is renowned as a destination to see migrating black-headed gulls. Each winter, tens of thousands of these gulls arrive, delighting visitors and locals alike. With abundant food and a safe wetland environment around Dianchi Lake, the birds are well-fed and welcomed. The gulls also attract researchers, teachers and other experts who study their patterns and behaviors.

Old Street

Nanqiang Street, the “old street” in Kunming, carries historic and cultural significance — and today, it is thriving with food, shopping and other authentic activities for visitors.

Green Lake Park

Originally a water reservoir, Green Lake Park is a group of four small lakes connected by bridges. Featuring bright pavilions and nearby restaurants, shops and tea houses, it’s a prime viewing spot in the winter when the black-headed gulls arrive from Siberia. Local performers frequently provide entertainment in the park as well.

Shopping in Kunming

You will find plenty of fascinating local snacks and souvenirs all around the ins and outs of Kunming, from quiet alleys of the Old Street, to international branded malls such as the Kunming Brilliant Parkson Plaza that features restaurants, food courts, fitness centers and other activities.

Stone Forest

According to a local saying, if you visit Kunming and don’t see the Stone Forest, “you have wasted your time.” Approximately 120 kilometers from the city, the site consists of several stone forests formed as many as 270 million years ago, and also features many other scenic areas: Greater and lesser stone forests, Naigu Stone Forest, Zhiyun Cave, Long Lake, Moon Lake, Dadie Waterfall, and Qifeng Cave.

Shilin Town, Shilin County 650000, China

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