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Whilst Cachet Boutique Shaoxing offers an endless selection of activities in our property, take a step outside of the hotel and experience Shaoxing.

Enjoy local delicacies & sights and you might be surprised by what the quaint city of Shaoxing has to offer.

Qiaobo Ice and Snow World

The only indoor winter sports venue in Zhejiang province, visitors can ski, snowboard and toboggan during the warm summer months. The dome features 40,000 square meters of ski slopes and snow, and also includes dining options to provide enjoy throughout the day.

Intime Department Store

Featuring an international boutique with clothing, jewelry and lifestyle items from famous brands — along with a supermarket, restaurants and even a children’s theme park — this shopping center caters to the fashion-conscious and those seeking great buys.


Originally the private garden of a wealthy Shaoxing businessman during the Song Dynasty, Shen Garden is known for being picturesque and quaint. It is popular with locals and tourists in the summer and winter alike, featuring blooming lotuses and blossoms.

Anchang Ancient Town

Anchang Ancient Town is located in Anchang Town. It is an ancient south Chinese town with a history of thousands of years. Immerse yourself in one of the most authentic cultures and experiences here with features of South China’s water town and local eats made with traditional methods.

Anchang Town, Shaoxing

Opens 8:30am – 5:00pm


Keyan Scenic Area

Located just outside of both Shaoxing and Hangzhou, Keyan Scenic Area was built during the Han Dynasty, and to this day remains a place of intense interest. Covering 3 square kilometers, it showcases a wide range of the area’s cultural offerings, such as stone, wine, bridges, technology and more.

Top attractions include Puzhao Temple, Yuezhong Personage Garden, Jingshui Bay and the Stone Buddhas.

Lu Xun's Former Residence

Lu Xun was a writer and great thinker born and raised in Shaoxing whose time here influenced his writings. This large scenic area features many points of interest, including gardens, the Sanwei Study Room, a memorial hall, restaurant and more.

East Lake of Shaoxing

One of three famous lakes in the province, the East Lake features grottoes, stone bridges, pavilions, steep cliffs and a deep pool. A corridor and tea garden allow visitors space to enjoy the landscape, and aquatic taxis provide a unique and unforgettable experience.

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