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Step outside the walls of this urban sanctuary and see Shanghai through the eyes of URBN boutique.

Pedestrian Street – East Nanjing Road

Venture into the busiest street of Shanghai to get a taste and view of what locals do daily. Located right in the heart of the Shanghai Metro Station, East Nanjing Road, the Pedestrian Street is packed with bustling energy from malls, local carts, office buildings & historic Shanghai architecture.


Also known as “Yu Yuan”, The Garden of Happiness was first built in 1559 during the Ming Dynasty. The Garden features a collection of historical artifacts & halls in which the minister Pan En used to reside. Be sure to check out the centerpiece, the exquisite Jade Rock “Yu Ling Long”, an impressive boulder rumoured to have been from the imperial palace in Beijing.

If you are hoping to take a piece of the Yu Garden back home, you will also discover plenty of souvenirs and local snack shops along the way.

South Bund Fabric Market

Here you’ll find vast reams of fabric and trimmings at bargain prices. Bring your favorite pieces of clothing, and onsite tailors can sew made-to-measure replicas. Prices start at approximately 1,200 RMB for a suit, including materials and workmanship. Most stores vendors are effectively bilingual.

The Bund View

A visit to the bund is not to be missed when visiting Shanghai. Witness the successful progression of Shanghai as you take in the picturesque sight. The view of the bund is available from many different places.

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